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Umicore continues to work on environmental improvement projects and requests consultation with authorities on a robust methodology for setting permit conditions

The Antwerp Provincial authorities recently presented the new permit conditions for Umicore's Hoboken site. The standards aim to provide optimal health protection for the people, especially children, living in the vicinity of Umicore's Hoboken plant, and this has always been Umicore's objective. Umicore invests €25 million per year in environmental process improvements. The downward trend in recent years shows that these projects are paying off.

Umicore will continue to invest in research and actions to further improve its environmental performance so that the plant and the local community can live together in a sustainable way. The creation of the green zone on and next to the plant will be an important factor in this.

Umicore will of course take its responsibility to use the most advanced technologies to bring its dust emissions to the lowest possible level in an industrial environment. In this context, Umicore is seeking discussions with the authorities to establish a robust and reliable method for setting permit conditions. 

Johan Ramharter, Senior Vice President Umicore: "The standards set by the Antwerp Provincial Government are very ambitious and much stricter than the guideline values that are followed internationally. Umicore is committed to further reducing its dust emissions and that obviously includes a healthy living environment for our neighbours. We are requesting consultations with the authorities in order to establish a robust and reliable methodology for setting the standard and assessing our efforts. We are convinced that new improvement projects and investments will lead to a further reduction of dust emissions, resulting in a further reduction of lead in blood." 

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Marjolein Scheers

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