Let's go for zero

At Umicore, we see it as our corporate responsibility, or better yet, our mission to use our technological know-how, scientific expertise and corporate reach to be an industry leader in sustainability. We are determined to rethink processes, transform and focus our efforts on net zero GHG emissions, zero regrets and endless possibilities.

By aiming for zero, we really go all-in: we’re closing gaps, leading change, connecting people, empowering skills and resources – opening up new opportunities. And we’re prepared to lay it all out, inviting everyone to join. Let’s create real impact. Let’s go for everything. Let’s go… for zero.

Think big: carbon-neutral growth, green power, energy efficiency, plus inspiring society by developing innovative solutions that speed up the transition to a climate-positive future. As a tech company aimed at sustainability, we’re betting it all on distinctive technological approaches to decarbonization, like carbon capture and storage. 

Net Zero GHG by 2035

Let's go for zero in 60 seconds

Umicore's sustainability history

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Umicore’s mission.

We offer solutions to sustainability challenges that are linked to megatrends and create value for all our stakeholders.

Discover more about how we have delivered value.

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Questions about Umicore's sustainability efforts and commitment?

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Natalia Agüeros-Macario

Natalia Agüeros-Macario

ESG Director
Tayla Burgess

Tayla Burgess

ESG Communications Manager