Closing the gap to bridge the digital divide

Umicore donates its own used computers to Close The Gap, an international non-profit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide. They offer high-quality, pre-owned computers to educational, medical, entrepreneurial and social projects in emerging countries, mostly in Africa. Our partnership ensures that our end-of-life devices are securely refurbished and reused.

Some numbers

  • 5400: PCs and Notebooks donated by Umicore to Close-the-Gap
  • 95%: Umicore’s donations have shown a re-usability rate of over 95%, which ranks us among the most effective donators Close-the-Gap.
  • 6,200 projects run in more than 50 countries by Close-the-Gap, reaching more than 3 million beneficiaries

As a global leader in recycling, we close the loop by recovering valuable materials from electronic scrap and giving metals a new life. Read more on how we recycle metals at Umicore.