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Notice to the convertible bondholders of adjustment of the conversion price


€500,000,000 Zero Coupon

Convertible Bonds due 2025 (ISIN: BE6322623669)
(the “Bonds”)


Capitalised terms not otherwise defined in this notice shall have the meanings given to them in the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds (the “Conditions”).

Umicore SA/NV (the “Issuer”) hereby gives notice to Bondholders that, pursuant to Condition 5(b)(iii)(B) of the Conditions, and as a result of the € 0.50 Cash Dividend per Ordinary Share payable to Shareholders of record on 4 May 2021 in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2020, as approved by the Issuer’s shareholders’ meeting held on 29 April 2021, the Conversion Price has been adjusted from €55.32 to € 54.4268 , effective 3 May 2021. All other Conditions of the Bonds remain unchanged.

Investor Relations

Eva Behaeghe

Eva Behaeghe

Senior Investor Relations Manager
T: +32 2 227 70 68