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Umicore receives 2020 Sustainability Award from Axis Communications

Axis Communications has awarded Umicore its 2020 Sustainability Award.  This is the result of a successful long-term cooperation and ambitious shared sustainability goals.  

Axis Communications is the industry leader in network video surveillance solutions. Their quest towards a safer and smarter world not only focuses on innovative products, but also on a set of sustainable principles throughout its value chain.    

Umicore is a leading supplier of infrared optics over the last three decades and is a long-term partner of Axis providing infrared optics for thermal cameras.   

Axis requires all its suppliers to adhere the Axis code of conduct, which is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact, ensuring labor and human rights, anticorruption practices and promoting greater environmental responsibilities.   

On November 12, Axis awarded Umicore its Sustainability Award in recognition of Umicore’s strong position and commitment to sustainable development. This relates to addressing climate change, protecting natural resources, protecting the ecosystem and supporting Axis ambitions. In addition to meeting these expectations, Umicore is offering recycling solutions to Axis’ end of life germanium materials enabling a circular economy.   

“Axis appreciates to collaborate with a supplier who has a high sustainability profile, who shares the same values and ambition to protect the planet. Circular economy is one of the focus areas where we see a great benefit and we look forward to implementing the best practices together”, says Ausra Reinap, Senior Environmental Engineer, Quality and Environment at Axis Communications.  

“As an industry leader in sustainability, Umicore strives to implement better practices that support customers’ ambitions and generate positive impact to address a number of societal challenges”, says Priyesh Narsale, Umicore Global Commercial Director. “Axis Communications has stringent sustainability requirements from its value chain partners related to business operations, environmental and social responsibilities. It’s an honor to receive the Sustainability Award at Axis Global Supplier Conference and I would like to thank Axis Communications for our partnership and acknowledging Umicore’s contribution to a circular economy and sustainability.”