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Umicore’s Partnership with SOS Children’s Villages


Empowering children and families in the DRC

Since 2023, Umicore has a strong partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, aiming to improve the lives of children and young people without parental care. Through our commitment and contributions, we are supporting two vital projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): the Limpoba program in Kinshasa and the Children 4 Change program in Bukavu. These initiatives have made significant progress in 2023, enhancing the wellbeing of families and children in need.

The Limpoba Programin Kinshasa

The Limpoba program, spanning two years, has a clear mission: to enable 197 families and 878 children to actively participate in the sustainable and inclusive development of Kimbanseke, Kinshasa’s most populous commune. 

The efforts of SOS Children’s Villages, supported by Umicore, have yielded impressive results:

  • Literacy: Twice as many children are now literate compared to 2022, thanks to educational programs and community engagement.
  • Self-Esteem: The percentage of children with low self-esteem has significantly decreased, from about 30% in 2022 to just 8% at the end of 2023. This positive shift reflects the program’s success in nurturing confidence and self-worth.

The Children 4 Change Program in Bukavu

Over a period of five years, this program strives to build a brighter future for 361 families and 1202 children. It emphasizes the importance of children’s rights, self-sufficiency, and independence. Notably, it supports young people, particularly girls, in becoming agents of positive change for their peers.

The numbers speak volumes about the effectiveness of these programs:

  • Stable Housing: At the end of 2023, 63% of program participants now enjoy stable housing, a significant increase from 46% in the previous year. This improvement ensures a safer and more secure environment for families.
  • Access to Healthcare Services: 89% of participants have access to healthcare services, up from 45% in the previous year. This enhanced access contributes to the overall well-being of families and children.

We are delighted to see the positive impact of these programs on the lives of families and children in the DRC. Moving forward, Umicore remains committed to giving back to people and the planet. Our ongoing partnership with SOS Children’s Villages underscores our dedication to children’s rights and our shared vision for a better future.