Recycling precious and other valuable metals begins and ends with the experts: Umicore. 

In fact, our closed-loop business model is fundamental to our partnership strategies, and a true differentiator. We use the most sophisticated, eco-efficient processes available, recycling products that have reached end of life, industrial waste and by-products from other non-ferrous industries. If it can be recycled, we recycle it. 

We see value where others see waste

Industries today are being held accountable for their sustainability efforts by regulators and consumers alike. There is a need to be resourceful, turning waste into value and Umicore is committed to fully abide. As our partner, you will have access to the most sophisticated recycling capacities and capabilities. Return your metal containing end-of-life materials, production waste or residues to us and we will recover the maximum amount of it. Once complete, we return the recycled metals to you or have us buy it back from you. 

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Our story in numbers

Over 20

Metals recovered from up to 200 different raw materials

900+ kg

Copper recovered from 100,000 end-of-life handsets

1 of 5

Mobile phones worldwide have a Umicore battery

Interested in turning waste into value ?

Today is the day and Umicore is your partner. We are ready to meet your needs by establishing a strong, enduring, future-thinking partnership.

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What we recycle

We can recycle and refine more than 20 different metals and offer short- and long-loop recycling services to customers globally. Our eco-efficient recycling facilities offer the highest metal yields and comply with world class quality standards.

Precious metals

Our Precious Metals Refining activity operates the largest and most complex precious metals recycling facility in the world.

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Your waste, our specialty

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