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Ordeg Co. Ltd.

Umicore AG & Co. KG - VAT number: DE119066058

Umicore Autocat France SAS – VAT number: FR27500051495

Umicore Autocat Poland Sp. z o.o – VAT number: PL1070028949

Umicore Catalyst South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Umicore Denmark ApS - VAT number: DK38892304

Umicore Finland OY - VAT number: FI25331869

Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH

Umicore IR Glass – VAT number: FR17404366650

Umicore NV-SA – VAT number: BE0401574852






Umicore Optical Materials USA Inc - FE IN number: 04-3107840

Umicore Poland Sp. z o.o – VAT number: PL8992847719

Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge NV – VAT number: BE0405150984

Umicore Specialty Powders France – VAT number: FR76325538973

Umicore France – VAT number: FR10342965001

Umicore UMS France – VAT number: FR08812196939

Umicore Zinktwit – VAT number: NL001688820B01

Laura BV - VAT number: NL008858536B01

Exploitatie Mtsp De Bek – VAT number: NL003137156B01

Indirect Procurement

From filter to company car, wheel loader to airline ticket, sulfuric acid to ethanol: Umicore Purchasing & Transportation department (P&T) procures more than €500 million worth of products and services for the Umicore group every year. Our indirect procurement activities include sourcing nearly everything that keeps the production operations in the Umicore sites and offices up and running: from technical goods and services over facilities and maintenance, shut down related support both in operational expenses as well as in the context of investments. We tackle it all in close collaboration with our internal stakeholders, who we consider our business partners.

For information on direct procurement: see the websites of the business units within the Umicore group.

Procurement Organization

For a differentiated response to specific stakeholder & market requirements, the Umicore Indirect procurement organization is divided into:

  • Category Procurement Centers (CPC) focusing on global categories as well as on specific “knowledge or competency driven” categories such as IS/IT, Chemicals, Energy
  • Regional Procurement Centers (RPC) delivering customer intimacy on-site as well as regional sourcing and procuring in categories with regional /national scope

The categories in scope of our organization are:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Industrial Services
  • Maintenance, Repair, Operations & Spare parts
  • Consumables incl chemicals
  • Energy
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Analytical Lab and R&D including lab chemicals- IS / IT / BIT- Facility services


We collaborate in a professional way with competitive suppliers who add value for Umicore and our customers and who want to join Umicore along the path of sustainable growth.

The Purchasing Team has the mission of leading this process with an exemplarity:

  • The respect of the integrity of the bidding process
  • The respect of the rule of “free competition”
  • The fair treatment of suppliers
  • The implementation of clear agreements

@ Umicore we highly value Safety commitment and leadership. We take care of the safety and working conditions of our employees and wish to partner up only with suppliers who show the same engagement, making no concessions in this area. As such, Umicore reserves the right to terminate, without notice, its relationship with a supplier not complying with these values. 

Sustainable procurement

Umicore envisages to contribute to a better world and wants to collaborate with future oriented, innovative and competitive suppliers who foster the same mind set as us, while creating value for Umicore and our customers.

We ask our suppliers to materialize their commitment in the first place by adhering to our Sustainable Procurement Charter or Supplier Code of Conduct, a highly valued foundation for any Umicore-supplier relationship.

Read our Sustainable Procurement Charter here

More-over, Umicore applies a Risk Mitigation or Supplier (pre)qualification model in the selection of its (core) indirect suppliers, consisting minimally of 

  • The adherence to our Sustainable Procurement Charter
  • The delivery of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) assessment score that shows engagement to sustainable business practice
  • A financial viability scan

Want to qualify your company as a sustainable (potential) supplier ?

Click here for a direct link to the Umicore Ecovadis online registration for assessment.